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What is 3D heat transfer silicone labels?

As we all know, if you want to press silicone label on the fabric or gloves or even the leather, you can fill the mold with liquid silicone material and them heat press on the carrier.
But there is new method to achieve it and that is the 3D heat transfer silicone labels.

What is the 3D heat transfer silicone label?

Heat Transfer printing means we print inks on transfer paper or film first, then heat press on fabrics by press machine.

Two advantages of heat transfer labels including the following :

1. Easy to pack and delivery, cause you don’t need to send fabrics or other things to the supplier like directly printing, which will help you reduce costs.

2. Reduce the rate of Defective products. Before you heat press, you can see the quality of labels and refuse to ruin the garment, make your production more perfect and get better price.

Here are our website and the production.



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